Simple Tips to clear UPSC CAPF examination

UPSC CAPF examination is conducted by UPSC once in a year and throws a challenging and decorative carrier for youths after joining CAPF. Assistant Commandant is a group ‘A’, Gazetted Officer Rank in CAPF and it is the very first rank in Officer Cadre in CAPF which is generally taken as an equivalent to Dy SP in state police forces. It is a group ‘A’ and Organized Service in which you will get a reputed Officer class job with the pride of serving the nation being a part of Armed Forces.

CAPF-AC examination conducted by UPSC consists of three steps in which the first step is the written exam by none other than UPSC itself. Written part also has two papers in it and each minute thing is discussed in detail and you can go through my other blog on Assistant Commandant in CAPF- an Alluring carrier.

Simple tips to crack the UPSC CAPF easily:

Here we will discuss simple tips about how to crack UPSC CAPF exam easily:

TIPS TO CRACK upsc capf

Hard work:

UPSC is an authority to control and conduct the various examinations for central government gazetted officer through prestigious examinations like Civil Services, UPSC CAPF, NDA, CDS, and many more. So if you are planning to prepare for any exam out of these than be ready to work hard. The competition level is high because of the social status attached to these services. So you must be able to dedicate at least 6 to 7 hours a day to study religiously for clearing this examination by UPSC. You have to go in-depth study for each subject with a caliber to represent the same in the exam.

Smart work:

By smart work, it simply means that you don’t have to mug up all the books but just to carve for the crux of the subject in detail. UPSC tends to ask a question with multiple choices and each one makes you more confused so in detail but the main point to be noted.

Limit the searches:

It is suggested not to follow unnecessary study channels or study materials as it will create confusion and nothing more. If possible stick to only one reputed course provider and also limit your books to one or two writers for a single subject.

Persistent Study:

Regular revision of the topics will make the subject clearer for you and every time when revising, do make sure not to leave anything untouched.

Improve your Timing :

Generally, candidates fall short of time in such exams especially exams conducted by UPSC because exams seem a bit lengthy. But in actual it is not, you just have to manage your time by solving the model papers and continuous study.

Be Confident :

Confidence in the examinations has an upper hand when tackling the tricky questions in hall. You must have full confidence in yourself because you are well prepared for the exam and there is no certification for this attribute of yours.

Be prepared and Confident

Dont make Assumptions :

Stick to the facts and data provided by UPSC in paper and answer the question keeping the same in mind. if you find any questions out o the box for you, just limit your mind to the question and if any information can be extracted go for it and this trick generally applies for Paper-II.

Usage of Drawings:

By making use of facts, figures, tables, drawings which all are in support of your answer in paper II, you can make your answer attractive and catchy.

Paper I for UPSC CAPF:

It is an objective type question paper to check the general ability and intelligence of candidates through multiple answer questions. To clear this paper you must prepare for the Civil Services Preliminary examination, as UPSC frames question in the same fashion. And moreover, the syllabus for the exam is the same as well.

⇒ General Aptitude and reasoning questions seem easy but are time taking, so you must be quick and sure enough in solving them. This paper is mostly from current affairs so try to read articles, good newspapers, magazines from where you can collect information about the topic currently in trend.

Paper II for UPSC CAPF:

Which is of descriptive nature and carries 200 marks in 3 hours to complete. The first part of this paper pertains to Essay writing and I must say that this part is the most time taking part as you have to attempt 4 essays with 1200 words each.

⇒ Its time to gear up and increase your speed of writing by continuous writing practices.

⇒ Please write the maximum essay as you can be related to the topics you seem in trend and make sure that it gets checked by experienced teachers.

⇒ Before writing an essay think for its importance and 5W+1H (What, Why, Where, Who, When, and How) with respect to the topic of the essay and note it down at the back page and use the same while writing any answer.

⇒ The debate writing part is a tricky corner where you have to write against and in favor of the topic. So you must note down all the related things first and then start answering.

⇒ Be logical and dont be prejudice before answering any question.

⇒ Precise writing is one where you have to shorten the paragraph but make sure that the essence of the paragraph must not be omitted. UPSC wants to check whether you are able to present the information within 300 words or not.

⇒ Comprehension related questions seem simple but are not so. Before answering these questions read the passage multiple times, don’t assume anything, stick to the information in a paragraph, and answer related to that only.

⇒ You must attend the only questions which you are sure off.

Last but not the least, Keep calm and be Relaxed