How to Join as CoBRA Commando – Daring warriors

COBRA commandos are ranked among one of India’s most experienced and successful special forces in the present time and they made it by proving themselves in hardcore Naxal area with determination and passion. COBRA is an acronym for Commando Battalion for Resolute Action and it is an elite force especially crafted to tackle the menace of LWE problem in India. COBRA is a specialized force in countering the Naxal problem with the troops well proficient in guerilla and jungle warfare.


First of all, one thing must be made clear that COBRA is a special force raised among CRPF which is the world’s largest armed police force and CRPF is entirely different from the Indian Army. Both are doing their service to the nation, in an asked manner with enthusiasm so you must not confuse with both the forces.

The second thing is that, for an individual to be a part of this elite force of COBRA, firstly he must be a part of CRPF first, as COBRA is purely a special force raised by CRPF.

Other special forces which are part of CRPF are RAF (Rapid Action Force) to assist civil police in maintaining law & order and PDG (Parliamentary Duty Group) with the responsibility of protecting Parliament ‘the temple of Indian Democracy’.

Presently CRPF has 10 functional COBRA Commando battalions with around 10k troops serving under the ambit of this Commando force. The First Battalion of this force is in action since 2009 with the prior sanction of MHA. Troops are trained to operate in the extreme climatic and geographic terrain in Naxal affected regions with minimum resources. 

Rank structure of CoBRA Commando

As COBRA is in house elite force of CRPF, so it has the same rank structure as of CRPF and the lowest rank inducted is of Constable while the Directorate of COBRA at New Delhi is headed by an officer of the rank of Inspector General (IG CoBRA). Officers are inducted into force in the rank of Assistant Commandant to IG, while in lower ranks Constables up to Inspector rank is inducted.

Training of CoBRA Commando:

CoBRA Commando is trained to sustain itself with minimum possible logistic support for the maximum time during any operation away from the base. To convert a normal GD person into commando, its training asks for physical as well as mental toughness which will boost his moves during tough times in the field. So to make the troops equally tough, they are subjected to undergo rigorous training at CSJWT Belgaum for 12 weeks in PI (Pre Induction) phase. Everybody must successfully clear his PI training to make himself ready to be inducted into commando force for the next three to four years.

Troops are trained in guerrilla warfare, field engineering, tracking of explosives, jungle survival techniques along with ops tactics to fight insurgents here at CSJWT. Special attention is given to Physical and Mental toughness jungle warfare, Ops planning and execution, physical endurance, map reading and GPS, intelligence, Heli-slithering, firing under stress and other small but important tactics related to things. Operations oriented navigation based 30 KM route march is also planned in the phased manner.

CSJWT (Cobra school for Jungle Warfare and Tactics) earlier known as “National Institute of Jungle Craft” is a premier institute dedicated to train CRPF personnel’s and to make them ready for combat in tough terrain in LWE areas. CSJWT is located in the Belgaum district of Karnataka in 408 acres and actually located at around 35 km distance in village Torali. Institute is also engaged in special modules of training for SSB personnels and Karnataka state police force.

Till now 20 batches of PI training are successfully completed at this institute and every batch comprises of minimum 300 to 350 troops including ORs and Officers up to the rank of Deputy Commandant. Additionally, the institute is engaged in conducting of ReOT ( Re-Orientation Training) of troops who are already serving with CoBRA and every batch is scheduled for 06 weeks of training.

Troops are subjected to tough physical training which includes several events being undertaken at regular intervals throughout the training period of 12 weeks. Various physical events which troops are made to undergo on a weekly basis once per week are:

BPET (Battle Physical Efficiency Test):

Conducted once a week and it is a combination of 4 to 5 events altogether. BPET is started with 1.6 Km running with time constrain followed by Push-Ups, Sit-ups, Chin-ups and Fireman lift for 200 meters.

Sit Ups minimum x40
Push Ups minimum x40
Rope Climbing

10 Km running with maximum time of 50 minutes once in every week.

BOAC (Battle Obstacle Assault Course)

BOAC contains minimum 21 obstacles and everyone has to clear each obstacle mandatorily.

CoBRA trial

It is an event at CSJWT in which participants are made to complete 5km trekking in minimum time and it is a team event.

For improving mental toughness and ability during the training, Hell week is planned in the mid of training. In this week, trainees made to follow training activities which they follow in normal weeks but the timing of all the activities is randomly chosen. For example, 10 km may be conducted at midnight while trainees may get their breakfast in the afternoon only. This week is actually testing the patience of trainees, which will reflect in their behavior during the crisis on the field under fire. Here in Hell week, it is tried to change the biological cycle of trainees by frequently changing the timeline of activities and meal timing.

Training also comprises of one-week jungle camp in the last week of training where each one is tested for their operational tactics and maneuver. Trainees are thrown in the hard operational stimulation during these 06 days followed by Battle Inoculation at the last 07th day of jungle camp, which is marked as the culmination of training for the batch.

Why to join CoBRA: when you are serving with CRPF than joining the elite force has something special meaning in a way or other. In terms of physical fitness by joining the elite part you can maintain yourself in a way better than normal GD person as here you will get enough exposure to games, long operations.

In terms of operational capability, you will have an edge over other mates in GD battalions as you will be having excellent operational teaching by CSJWT during training. By joining this force, you can enjoy the days with your family as compared to GD battalions as all of the CoBRA is equipped with all modern facilities for family accommodation. in terms to incentivize personnel’s to join the elite force, there is also a difference of allowance being paid to the CoBRA personnels.